OK, I lied*

August 7

*  But not intentionally.  I just happened to find more stuff from 2004.  Who knew?  That was quite a year considering there were no overseas trips involved.  Probably because we were into our 3rd year of retirement and ready to let the good times roll . . .

[Beginning with what was then the new abode on beautiful Lake Darling . . . ]

_1A_0050 - Copy_2A_0051 - Copy_3A_0052 - Copy_4A_0053 - Copy_5A_0054 - Copy_6A_0055 - Copy

[You may have figured out by now this was winter . . . ]

_7A_0056 - Copy

[Then a trip to the Cities at the invite of one of the two guys on the other side of the table – Little Mayo Johnson and Basketball Dan Brick – to a new hot restaurant (now of some unknown ethnic origin) as I recall on University Avenue near the U campus . . . ]

_8A_0057 - Copy

[Back home to the ever popular open water from the Lake Cowdry channel created by the strong flow in from Lake Taylor . . . ]

_9A_0058 - Copy

[Whoa!  Then back to the Cities (again) for as I recall (again) a fine dining experience at the Golden Valley Country Club at the invite of Alex classmate and neighbor, Kathy Skadsberg . . . ]

10A_0059 - Copy

[Because of the time of year, I would posit we were in town for an Alex girls hockey game . . . ]

10A_0059-1 - Copy

[And then back again to the Alex winter wonderland . . . ]

11A_0060 - Copy12A_0061 - Copy13A_0062 - Copy14A_0063 - Copy15A_0064 - Copy

[And then suddenly, we were in Kansas.  Yes, Kansas . . . ]

16A_0065-1 - Copy

[On the way to the Hills of Lakeway, Austin, Texas, to visit another high school classmate, Professor Doctor Colonel Tom Kiehne and his wife, Anne . . . ]

17A_0066 - Copy

[LBJ’s boyhood home . . . ]

18A_0067 - Copy

[A tree and me on the Johnson ranch . . . ]

19A_0068 - Copy

[The Super and a longhorn (as you may recall, she speaks cow) . . . ]

20A_0069 - Copy

[And then on to San Antonio to visit old family friends from both Minnesota and D.C., Liz Lindell and her dad, Wally . . . ]

21A_0070 - Copy

[On the way home, a stop at the William J. Clinton Library and Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas . . . ]

22A_0071 - Copy

[Not sure if I ever cared for the Gulfstream trailer design . . . ]

23A_0072 - Copy

[It’s certainly unique . . . ]

24A_0073 - Copy25A_0074 - Copy

I like that about Republicans: The evidence does not faze them.  They are not bothered at all by the facts.  ~  Bill Clinton

Up Next:  Still more 2004 . . .

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