Thus Endth 2004

August 4

2004 – a year that will live in infamy in that it occurred exactly 16 years before 2020.  I don’t recall much about that year other than I what I have discovered in recently unearthed discs containing photos from that time.  I believe this to be the last blog post displaying such.  And I appear to have posted the great western driving trip in reverse order of its occurrence.  So, we begin here in snowy Minnesota before heading west in the spring.

[Important PSA:  I would not recommend a visit to South Dakota at this time.  So far, COVID-19 has granted carte blanche to operate in the state . . . ]

[Locals will recognize the Amazon, the channel between Lakes Darling and Cowdry.  Because it is running water, it stays open even if the temperature is below zero . . . ]

153791-R1-1A - Copy

[Locals will recognize the bike/snowmobile trail, looking SE toward town and passing over the Amazon . . . ]

153791-R1-2A - Copy

[Now going for the artsy look . . . ]

153791-R1-3A - Copy

[Not too shabby (I always remember this shot).  My equipment then was just a snapshot camera . . . ]

153791-R1-4A - Copy

[Further along the Amazon . . . ]

153791-R1-5A - Copy

[The fish houses on Lake Cowdry from the trail . . . ]

153791-R1-6A - Copy

[Shooting the other directions on Cowdry . . . ]

153791-R1-7A - Copy

[Oh, the hoars!!]

153791-R1-8A - Copy

[Closer upper to the fish houses . . . ]

153791-R1-9A - Copy

[Along the trail . . . ]

153791-R1-10A - Copy

[And away we go.  Everything you need to know is contained in the photo . . . ]

153791-R1-11A - Copy

[Pierre, South Dakota . . . ]

153791-R1-12A - Copy

[I take a certain amount of pride in knowing that I am one of only three people not from the state who have ever visited the capitol.  These were the halcyon days when public buildings were actually available to the public.  We walked right in – the doors were wide open – no sign of security guards, no sign of metal detectors, no sign of anybody actually.  I cajoled the Super to veer from our westward direction when I saw the sign along the interstate that it was a mere 60 miles north to Pierre – it was a detour well worth taking . . .]

153791-R1-13A - Copy

[Badlands National Park . . . ]

153791-R1-14A - Copy

[Despite such information terminals, I never discovered what they did that was so bad?]

153791-R1-15A - Copy

[A sign of grand canyons to come . . . ]

153791-R1-16A - Copy

[A rather unique topography . . . ]

153791-R1-17A - Copy

[The Super discovered a bridge to somewhere . . . ]

153791-R1-18A - Copy

[Indigenous inhabitants . . . ]

153791-R1-19A - Copy

[They were rather sheepish . . . ]

153791-R1-19A-1 - Copy

[One notices the diminishment of greenery the further west one goes . . . ]

153791-R1-20A - Copy

[An incredible natural rock formation.  Not unlike chimpanzees with typewriters being able to replicate Shakespeare in several million years . . . ]

153791-R1-21A - Copy

[The flags, however, were man made . . . ]

153791-R1-22A - Copy

[Incredible how through the millennia, nature was able to produce the scree field at the bottom of the mountain . . . ]

153791-R1-23A - Copy

[And we finish with a human scree field . . . ]

153791-R1-24A - Copy

I learned more about the economy from one South Dakota dust storm that I did in all my years of college.  ~  Hubert H. Humphrey

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The Summer of ’04

August 2

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and summer’s lease hath all too short a date.  ~  William Shakespeare

OK, control yourselves.  This is just another trip down memory lane, i.e., a family slide show.  In the year already blessed by the driving trip through the great American West, the summer was blessed by the Super being “hit on” at Carlos Creek Winery by Joey Dee of Joey Dee and the Starliters rock ‘n roll fame.  We’re thinking of making this into a move (title at the top).  Let us begin . . .

[Hard to believe Big Ole’s been in his current location for at least 16 years . . . ]

_1A_0097 - Copy

[This was the summer Grandson Tommy’s (10 years old then) grandparents from Noblesville, Indiana, came for a visit.  That’s Tommy with Grandma Fran, above, and with Grandma Supervisor, below . . . ]

_2A_0098 - Copy                                                                                                                                                            [And with Grandpa Ed pontooning on the Moby Obie on beautiful Lake Darling . . . ]

_3A_0099 - Copy

[And Fran.  As you can tell by the attire, this was July!]

_4A_0100 - Copy

[I know it was July because . . . ]

_5A_0101 - Copy

[This is the Lake Carlos Independence Day boat parade.  Below is our neighbor Dangerous Dan’s extended family from the west coast . . . ]

_6A_0102 - Copy

[And Tommy went tubing.  Scared at first, he soon realized that a 50 HP Yamaha pushing a pontoon didn’t give him enough speed . . . ]

_7A_0103 - Copy

[With the Super driving, and Ed and Fran spotting . . . ]

_8A_0104 - Copy

[The Ed joined in – the excitement was such that the camera jiggled . . . ]

_9A_0105 - Copy

[And here’s Fran and Ed and . . . Joey Dee!]

10A_0106 - Copy

[You remember Joey Dee?  If you do, then you know that in 1962 Joey’s “Peppermint Twist” had a summer-long battle for No. 1 on the pop charts with Gene Chandler’s “Duke of Earl” . . . ]

11A_0107 - Copy

[Fran and Ed hit the dance floor.  The yellow-garbed Starliter is Frankie Valli’s brother, Bobby . . . ]

12A_0108 - Copy

[Then Ed gave the Super a twirl . . . ]

13A_0109 - Copy

[That’s Joey in the stylish purple suit.  Uff da . . . ]

14A_0110 - Copy

[And then back to the regular and routine activities of grandpas with their grandson.  Ed and I never wet a line.  As soon as we baited up Tommy, he’d catch something . . . ]

15A_0111 - Copy

[It’s a monster sunny!]

16A_0112 - Copy

[Ed enjoying what Minnesota is all about . . . ]

17A_0113 - Copy

[Checking up on the neighbors . . . ]

18A_0114 - Copy

[A toast – to Lake Darling!]

19A_0115 - Copy

[Ed is an avid golfer and was delighted to pose under the Tom Lehman sign . . . ]

20A_0116 - Copy

[A rare marine mammal – seldom seen in its native habitat any more . . . ]

21A_0117 - Copy

[Ahhh, the wonderful days spent on the Moby Obie . . . ]

22A_0118 - Copy

[Morning, all . . . ]

23A_0119 - Copy

Summer bachelors, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be.  ~  Nora Ephron

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A Night at the Opera

July 31

Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.  ~ Robert Benchley



Starring soprano Siena Forest, tenor David Walton and bass-baritone Luke Williams and accompanied by Carson Rose Schneider
Friday, July 31st
7:30 pm

unnamed (1)

Unusual opera to perform in Alex (from Echo Press)

Theatre L’Homme Dieu’s second outdoor performance features Out of the Box opera company.

Siena Forest
Siena Forest

Theatre L’Homme Dieu will hold its second drive-in performance at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 31, when an uncommon Minneapolis opera company delivers a mashup of opera and musical theater.

Performers with Out of the Box will mix 19th century opera tunes with 20th century musical theater to create an evening of romance and comedy. Called “Love at a Distance,” it stars soprano Siena Forest, her husband, bass-baritone Luke Williams, and tenor David Walton, and is accompanied by Carson Rose Schneider on piano.

Out of The Box artistic director David Lefkowich is known for his unconventional strategies to bring opera to new audiences, including Diva Cage Matches that pit soprano against soprano in a wrestling ring, complete with judges, a master of ceremonies and an operatic death for the loser. The company’s fusion series combines opera with other forms of music, such as gospel and jazz.

For the theater’s outdoor performances, cars will face the stage and be appropriately distanced. Attendees can choose to stay in their cars and listen to the performance on FM radio or bring lawn chairs and sit outside.

The theater had a full summer schedule planned before the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to performances throughout the country. It has put in place the following safety measures:

  • Patrons who feel sick or has COVID-19 symptoms should go home.
  • Cars must be parked in designated parking places. They will be grouped by size to ensure quality sight lines for all patrons.
  • Only theater-goers who live together should be in a vehicle together.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Restroom facilities are not available except in case of emergency.
  • Masks are required for those who get out of their cars.
  • Patrons should not approach other guests.
  • Theater-goers who leave their cars should sit close to their vehicle and practice social distancing.

Luke Williams

OK, my turn . . . 

[First shot of the day.  The light shining in our bedroom window awakened me in the wee small hours of the morning.  Not too bad for a hand held shot . . . ]

7-31-20-1 - Copy

[I believe all operatic festivities are required to begin with a fine dining activity.  Here the group alights at Interlachen . . . ]

7-31-20-6 - Copy

[Because I know about as much about opera as I know about . . . opera, this missive will be interlaced with quotes from those who actually know (or pretend to know) something about the subject matter . . . ]

7-31-20-6-1 - Copy

[The Super knitted (crocheted?) a mask for Karin, making them pandemic twins . . . ]

7-31-20-7 - Copy

[Arrival at the venue . . . ]

7-31-20-9 - Copy

[From our box seats location . . . ]

7-31-20-11 - Copy

[Random backwards shots over my head at the arriving aficionados . . . ]

7-31-20-12 - Copy

The new nine muses are Commerce, Operatic Music, Amor, Publicity, Manufacture, Liberty of Speech, Plural Voting, Gastronomy, Private Hygiene, Seaside Concert Entertainments, Painless Obstetrics and Astronomy for the People.  ~  James Joyce

7-31-20-13 - Copy

[These are either theater board members, or baseball fans.  I guess you could be both . . .]

7-31-20-13-1 - Copy

[Known to be local practitioners of vocal talents . . . ]

7-31-20-13-2 - Copy

[Never met a jazz or blue grass concert they didn’t like . . . ]

7-31-20-14 - Copy

[A shout out again to a board member and sponsor of the event . . . ]

7-31-20-15 - Copy7-31-20-16-1 - Copy

[Who was that masked man?]

7-31-20-17 - Copy

I can’t listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland.  ~  Woody Allen

7-31-20-18 - Copy

[Executive Director Nicole Mulder takes the stage with Out of The Box artistic director David Lefkowich to introduce the program . . . ]

7-31-20-19 - Copy

No good opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible.  ~ W. H. Auden

7-31-20-19-1 - Copy

[Let ‘er rip!!]

7-31-20-20 - Copy

Staid middle age loves the hurricane passions of opera.  ~  Mason Cooley

7-31-20-20-1 - Copy

[And a brief introduction as to what Out of the Box is all about . . . ]

7-31-20-21 - Copy

The activity of a singer that sings opera is similar to that of an athlete.  ~  Andrea Bocelli

7-31-20-21-1 - Copy

In opera, there is always too much singing.  ~  Claude Debussy

7-31-20-22 - Copy

[Leading off, tenor David Walton (not to be confused with the Boy Tenor of the local Salty Dogs) . . . ]

7-31-20-23 - Copy

For me, a diva is like the great opera singer, the great film star – out of reach, in their own world, with a real gift for invention: attention-demanding performance artists with a flamboyant, compelling sense of their own importance so special and inimitable it verges on the alien.  ~  Grace Jones

7-31-20-24 - Copy

Even in today’s opera world, the position of the black tenor is problematic.  ~  Bobby Short

7-31-20-25 - Copy

[Batting 2nd, soprano Siena Forest . . . ]

7-31-20-26 - Copy

What opera isn’t violent? Two things happen, violence and love. And other than that, name something else. You can’t.  ~  Cab Calloway

7-31-20-26-1 - Copy

[And the bass, Luke Williams . . . ]

7-31-20-27 - Copy

Sergio Leone has this weird western opera thing.   ~  Ethan Coen

7-31-20-28 - Copy

[And it may have been somewhere around here that Siena mentioned she had to kiss David during a performance.  He had eaten chili as the pre-performance meal, and she found that a bit unsettling.  She said one should always cleanse one’s mouth before such a performance.  And she noted that he tells that story on himself . . . ]

7-31-20-29 - Copy

[Which begs the question, I wonder if I . . . ]

7-31-20-31 - Copy

When you are up close to an opera singer, hearing this incredible volume of noise coming from a human being – it’s beyond belief.  ~  Eve Best

7-31-20-31-1 - Copy

The opera always loses money. That’s as it should be. Opera has no business making money.  ~  Rudolph Bing

7-31-20-32 - Copy

The favorite thing I like to do is nothing. I’m such an expert at doing nothing. I have a boat. I make training films for the Coast Guard. I listen to a great deal of opera.  ~  Charles Nelson Reilly

7-31-20-33 - Copy

The voice muscle doesn’t last forever. I have a lot of friends who are classical and opera singers. My friend Beverly Sills stopped singing in her 50s, so I’m careful with mine. But I’ll keep going as long as it lets me.  ~  Johnny Mathis

7-31-20-34 - Copy

I also met, early on Ella Fitzgerald. Her songbooks are some of the most amazing bodies of work.  ~  Johnny Mathis  [Full disclosure:  I have “Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Gershwin Songbook,” one of my all-time favorites.]

7-31-20-35 - Copy

More and more, we’re used to taking things in through the eyes rather than through the ears, and opera is more of a spectacle.  ~  Daniel Barenboim

7-31-20-36 - Copy

[A wonderful evening of opera . . . ]

7-31-20-37 - Copy

[and of show tunes . . . ]

7-31-20-38 - Copy

[of fun . . . ]

7-31-20-39 - Copy

[brought to us by people of extraordinary voice . . . ]

7-31-20-39-1 - Copy

[on a beautiful evening in Vacationland USA . . . ]

7-31-20-40 - Copy

[Many thanks again to Out of the Box opera company . . . ]

7-31-20-40-1 - Copy

[Who know how to bow like opera performers . . . ]

7-31-20-41 - Copy

Opera is the most complete art form. It includes drama, acting, technology (lighting), art (the sets), dance, and the epitome of the human voices. But mostly, go for the glorious music. The arts are crucial to the life of every community.  ~  Karen DeCrow

7-31-20-42 - Copy

[We’re going to hold them to their desire . . . ]

7-31-20-43 - Copy

[To come back to TLHD again some day . . . ]

7-31-20-43-1 - Copy

[We enjoyed after the show commingling, masked of course . . . ]

7-31-20-44 - Copy

[The Super was particularly excited to discover . . . ]

7-31-20-44-1 - Copy

[That Siena and Mark are Indiana University alums . . . ]

7-31-20-45 - Copy

[We should have asked for a rendition of “Indiana, Our Indiana” . . . ]

7-31-20-45-1 - Copy

[Didn’t take any live videos.  Not kosher, certainly if not OK’ed.  In lieu thereof, a very recent YouTube post by one of our favorites (we have CD’s to prove it) . . . ]

[Here we all are – a panoramic shot with the new camera.  Until next time . . . ]

7-31-20-10 - Copy

Opera in English, is about as sensible as baseball in Italian.  ~  H.L. Mencken

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Devils Tower 2004

July 30

In times of pandemic shutdown, what could be more fun than watching a slideshow of someone’s 2004 family vacation?  In continuation, therefore, we bring you such national treasures as Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, bison, Yellowstone, Little Bighorn (closed), and the iconic Devils Tower.

[To my knowledge, this still exists . . . ]

153792-R1-1A - Copy

[This as well?]

153792-R1-2A - Copy

[Brother Cam’s favorite place in the country . . . ]

153792-R1-3A - Copy153792-R1-4A - Copy153792-R1-5A - Copy

[The national ungulate . . . ]

153792-R1-6A - Copy

[Also featuring biological lawn mowers . . . ]

153792-R1-7A - Copy153792-R1-7A-1 - Copy153792-R1-8A - Copy153792-R1-9A - Copy

[A la the Grand Canyon, the first sighting is breathtaking . . . ]

153792-R1-10A - Copy

[And to think, 40.5 million years ago this did not exist . . . ]

153792-R1-11A - Copy

[Then it was subsequently discovered by Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind . . . ]

153792-R1-12A - Copy

[Our neighbor’s (on Lake Darling) daughter has climbed this at least twice . . . ]

153792-R1-13A - Copy

[We decided against attempting a climb . . . ]

153792-R1-14A - Copy

[Because the boulder field at the bottom appear impassable . . . ]

153792-R1-15A - Copy

[Closed!  No, not for repairs, but who remembers there were national park funding issues even way back then . . . ]

153792-R1-16A - Copy

[A river, I’m guessing the Yellowstone . . . ]

153792-R1-17A - Copy153792-R1-18A - Copy

[Yes, as the people, we enjoyed it . . . ]

153792-R1-19A - Copy

[A thermal tower (no, not the Super) . . . ]

153792-R1-20A - Copy153792-R1-21A - Copy

[Yellowstone, as we usually perceive it . . . ]

153792-R1-22A - Copy153792-R1-23A - Copy

[And we end with . . . ]

153792-R1-24A - Copy

[Wolf pack followers.]

153792-R1-24A-1 - Copy

It is by the goodness of god that in our country we have those 3 unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.  ~ Mark Twain

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Yesterday (w/ music)

July 26

Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell.  ~  Aldous Huxley

Our tools are inadequate to mend the harm done by racism, mass incarceration, inadequate housing, poverty, and cruel immigration policies.  ~  Colleen M. Farrell, MD, Bellevue Hospital

On this Sunday, Mother Nature fought back.  And on this day, the pandemic, the economy, the racism, at least momentarily, took a back seat to a perfect summer day . . . 

[And what could be more summer-y?]

7-26-20-1 - Copy

[Our sunflower and its new siblings . . . ]

7-26-20-2 - Copy

[Its’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime . . . ]

7-26-20-3 - Copy

No man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.  ~  Edward R. Murrow

7-26-20-4 - Copy

[And somehow in the midst of all this, a bee aids our survival . . . ]

7-26-20-5 - Copy

[Don’t worry, bee happy . . . ]

7-26-20-7 - Copy

[The Super and I were able to give the reasonably humble abode a complete once-over, to include a few plumbing projects, before venturing out into the day . . . ]

7-26-20-9-1 - Copy

Some men know that a light touch of the tongue running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.  ~  Marianne Williamson

7-26-20-10 - Copy

If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.   ~  Maurice Maeterlinck

7-26-20-13-1 - Copy

When the bee comes to your house, let her have beer; you may want to visit the bee’s house some day.   Congo Proverb

7-26-20-14 - Copy

[Our tall, lean friend decided to spend the day island hopping . . . ]

7-26-20-18 - Copy

Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is no fearfully neglected.  ~  George McDonald

7-26-20-20 - Copy

[After lo these many months, the AMGC (Anthony Miltich Fan Club) was finally able to reunite on the Lure Lakebar patio hard by the shores of Lake Le Homme Dieu  . . . ]

7-26-20-23 - Copy

[Club members were properly distanced . . . ]

7-26-20-24 - Copy

[Just a short walk from their home . . . ]

7-26-20-25-1 - Copy

[And behind us, a bad, over the shoulder shot . . . ]

7-26-20-26 - Copy

[With boats in the background . . . ]

7-26-20-28 - Copy

The comfortable people in tight houses felt pity at first, and then distaste, and finally hatred for the migrant people.  ~  John Steinbeck

7-26-20-29 - Copy

[And I’ll have another Corona Extra – thanks . . . ]

7-26-20-31 - Copy

[Texting her music review to Rollingstone . . . ]

7-26-20-32 - Copy

[A proud wearer of the N95 mask . . . ]

7-26-20-32-1 - Copy

[Anthony opted for the Leinie’s Summer Shandy . . . ]

7-26-20-33-1 - Copy

[I hadn’t videoed Anthony for a long time.  But it was such a nice day, I asked if there was a particular song he’d like me to shoot (at least his legs wouldn’t be backlit).  He said he recently learned this song and liked it.  It was a song for a wedding . . . ]

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.  ~  Hubert Humphrey

7-26-20-35 - Copy

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.  ~  Steve Martin
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TLHD 60th Season

Farewell Angelina – July 15

OK, we didn’t think we could have any type season in this our 60th year.  Yet somehow, in the midst of the pandemic, Executive Director Nicole Mulder was able to perform her magic to attract Farewell Angelina to our campus.  They were on the original schedule for the season, but like all performing artists have been in total shutdown until now.  They were delighted to be here – they noted for their first drive in concert – and we were delighted they came.  Everybody was distanced in accordance with the rules – and you could sit outside your car – but those who didn’t could listen easy enough with the aid, if desired, of 97.1 FM.  And in their cars, they could honk their appreciation of each song, to the delight of the performers.  Thus, with further adieu . . . 

Farewell+Angelina+Band+Live - Copy

JULY 15, 2020
4:30PM & 7:00PM


[The line up before entry – each car guided to a specific spot to maintain distancing . . . ]

7-15-20-1 - Copy

[Someday, that power line will be put underground . . . ]

7-15-20-2 - Copy

[The stage was on loan from another theater – it worked perfectly.  This was from our vantage point . . . ]

7-15-20-3 - Copy

[A blind backward shot with the Super still in our car and others filling in behind . . . ]

7-15-20-4 - Copy

[The anticipation builds . . . ]

7-15-20-5 - Copy

[And here they are, from Nashville – a video of self-introductions . . . ]

[Arrival on stage, in admiration of the weather in Vacationland USA . . . ]

7-15-20-6 - Copy

[Introductions, acknowledgements, and thank yous from Nicole . . . ]

7-15-20-7 - Copy7-15-20-8 - Copy

[And away we go . . . ]

7-15-20-9 - Copy7-15-20-10 - Copy7-15-20-10-1 - Copy7-15-20-11 - Copy7-15-20-11-1 - Copy

[And on loan from a neighboring attendee . . . ]

connie burns

[In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun . . . ]

7-15-20-12 - Copy

[The technicians . . . ]

7-15-20-13 - Copy7-15-20-14 - Copy

[Then some guy wandered through the crowd for close-up shots . . . ]

7-15-20-15 - Copy

[Oh, ‘hi’ Paul . . . ]

7-15-20-16 - Copy

[Of all the shots, this would have been the favorite but it was slightly out of focus . . . ]

7-15-20-17 - Copy

[A 75-minute show, with no intermission, in hopes of making “potty” trips unnecessary.  And allowed for the group to have a break before the 7:00 show.  It was scheduled to have more attendees of likely younger fans . . . ]

7-15-20-18 - Copy

[And a complete song for your wining and dining pleasure . . . ]

[Yep, another fan has been created.  10 of us from the early show (the blue plate special crowd) then went to Interlachen for outdoor dining.  It appeared to be unanimous among us that the group and performance were terrific . . . ]

7-15-20-20 - Copyfarewell angelina - Copyfarewell angelina2 - Copy

Attendance addendum:  4:30 show – 52; 7:00 show – 73.

Theater is life with the dull bits cut out.  ~  Alfred Hitchcock

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A Brief, but Limited and Abridged, Summary of 3rd and Broadway

July 15

From the Cub Reporter’s source on everything Alexandria:  “Dick Wiles built it as Bronc’s on Broadway. He was an heir to Sunshine Biscuits. The little baker on the box of Cheez Its was his grandfather. He grew up summers at the Minnesouri Angling Club on Lake Miltona. There were two houses there. The turret on the restaurant was part of the Frank Englund home and was the only thing Dick saved from that house. His first idea was a casual rib joint, p-nuts on the floor. Janet Baker, a bonified chef, his wife at the time wanted fine dining. It was a special occasion venue and a county of 30k could not sustain it. When they divorced Dick shut it down. Then the Bistodeaus bought it, added more dining to the north and the gift shop extending out from the building back by the alley, the gazebo and the lawn. Frank sold it to Jill Blashack and Joni Nielson from a Tastefully Simple. They incorporated some TS products into the menu. They ran it for about three years and shut it down. They put it up for sale. Mark Weston wanted it but he and Joni were $300k apart and he knew he couldn’t cash flow it so he walked. Chris Anderson (Anderson’s Outpost out on State Park Rd Carlos) opened it for one summer. Then it sat empty until Jason Mueller opened one of his Bello Cucina’s there. He is a genius. He got divorced, had a heart attack and closed it. I think he is involved in some way with the new development. I hope so. The building probably sat empty as long or longer than it was open. There ya go. Roy always says, “If you ask Patty the time she’ll tell you how to build a watch”! 😂 The big house on the left was the Frank W. and Mildred Danielson home. Mildred was my mom’s sister. The house on the right was the Englund home with the turret.  Aunt Mildred’s home was torn down years before Dick bought the turret house. He built Bronc’s from the ground up in about 1986.  And feel free to share our family picture. Gloria Danielson Watson, my cousin from Class of ’63 grew up in the big house.  Dick had a bar shipped from Ireland. His daughter asked me about it yesterday. I think this is part of the back bar. At least it was rescued. The girls gave me all the old Alexandria framed and matted photos that had hung in the Broncs. Out of everything at Wileswood, when they asked me what I wanted, they were amazed I said those pictures. I should have asked for the solid sterling box that had belonged to Adolf Eichmann. Bad juju! Side note. Dick Schultz from Best Buy bought Wileswood after Dick died.”  See, I told you.

[Upon the news of current events . . . ]


[We’re going to the red dot in the middle, then crossing the street to the south . . . ]

20200715-13 - Copy

[When I Googled “Bronc’s, Alexandria,” this is what I got . . . ]


[Old Broadway . . . ]

old broadway

[Bello Cucina . . . ]

bello cucina

[Rune, the new structure to built on the entire block with a scheduled completion for the end of 2021 . . . ]


[Your crack snoop reporter on the beat . . . ]


[Some shots of Bello Cucina.  Back in the days of Old Broadway, we ate all our special occasion meals there.  Mom’s birthdays, when she always ordered prime rib, with a couple martinis, in the corner, in the library . . . ]


[Then on July 15th, the entire block began to disappear . . . ]

20200715-1 - Copy

[Opening a view to the armory on the other side of Broadway . . . ]

20200715-2 - Copy

[The last vestiges of Bello’s still standing on the left . . . ]

20200715-2-1 - Copy20200715-3 - Copy20200715-3-1 - Copy20200715-5 - Copy20200715-5-1 - Copy20200715-6 - Copy

[The Edward Jones building on the corner will remain.  Back in the day, that was the location of Vernon Studio, where all the high school classes (including ’65) had their graduation photos taken . . . ]

20200715-7 - Copy

[Now looking back toward 3rd Avenue . . . ]

20200715-9 - Copy20200715-10 - Copy

[And view from the corner of 3rd Avenue, looking south into downtown . . . ]

20200715-11 - Copy20200715-12 - Copy

[Lotsa changes going on in the old home town . . . ]


The duty we owe to history is to rewrite it.  ~  Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish writer

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Grand Teton-Yellowstone 2004

July 14

Continuing our stupendous driving tour through the Great American West.  I’ve figured out it was spring.  I can’t remember the impetus for this trip (CRS?).  We had the big Ford Expedition then – a most comfortable road car that got about 3 gallons to the mile . . .

[Here we are driving along side of a running body of water . . . ]

153788-R2-1A - Copy

[A charcoal factory . . . ]

153788-R2-2A - Copy

[Indigenous ungulates . . . ]

153788-R2-3A - Copy

[Another indigenous ungulate, of the genus “elkteroptera” . . . ]

153788-R2-4A - Copy

[I have no idea or remembrance of?  Maybe where the deer and antelope play . . . ]

153788-R2-5A - Copy

[Generic scenery (cheaper than the brand name) . . . ]

153788-R2-6A - Copy

[Lest you can’t read, “This is Jackson Hole” . . . ]

153788-R2-7A - Copy

[Lest you can’t read (part deux), this is “Grand Teton National Park.”  In each photo, human beings were added to bring perspective . . . ]

153788-R2-8A - Copy

[The Tetons . . . ain’t they Grand?]

153788-R2-9A - Copy

[As I recall, we drove on to Jenny Lake . . . ]

153788-R2-10A - Copy

[I believe the following 3 photos were over, under, around, and through Jenny Lake . . . ]

153788-R2-11A - Copy153788-R2-12A - Copy153788-R2-13A - Copy

[Downtown Jackson Hole with background ski slopes . . . ]

153788-R2-14A - Copy

[The Super felt beknighted here . . . ]

153788-R2-15A - Copy

[This statue may now be under review . . . ]

153788-R2-16A - Copy

[We have obviously left the Tetons . . . ]

153788-R2-17A - Copy

[To a land of some hoodoos . . . ]

153788-R2-18A - Copy

[Could this be Yellowstone?]

153788-R2-19A - Copy

[I don’t recall . . . ]

153788-R2-20A - Copy

[But it sure looks like a Grand Canyon rim trail?]

153788-R2-21A - Copy

[Must be Yellowstone . . . ]

153788-R2-22A - Copy

[Must be a tourist in Yellowstone . . . ]

153788-R2-23A - Copy

[My first thought was a German CPA enjoying his annual 5 weeks of vacation; my second thought was, just shoot the damn picture . . . ]

153788-R2-24A - Copy

Keep your hands off my Tetons!  ~  Jackson Hole slogan

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Grand Canyon 2004 (Part deux)

July 12

OK, I should have realized there would be more photos of Grand Canyon 2004.  Apologies.  But what I have deducted from finding ‘Part deux’ is that these photos are from film – Kodachrome 25, to be exact.  A film so popular that Paul Simon wrote a song about it.  I recall that because with the printed photos of the era, you would get a CD of those photos as part of the developing process –  and the most standard roll came with 24 exposures. And from other CD’s of the time I now recall this part of a ‘big ass’ driving tour of the American West.  (A member of the Fat Boys Walking Club recently had a couple of medical appointments.  When asked how they went, he replied he had CRS.  Requesting an interpretation, he replied ‘Can’t Remember Shit.’) . . .

[Mr. Tourist on the canyon’s Rim Trail . . . ]


[The Super, providing perspective . . . ]

153780-R1-2A - Copy

[Heading to Zion National Park.  ISO, The Whole-in-Wall Gang . . . ]

153780-R1-3A - Copy

[Hoodoos in Zion (though mostly associated with Bryce Canyon . . . ]

153780-R1-4A - Copy

[When you do, that hoodoo, that you know, so well . . . ]

153780-R1-5A - Copy

153780-R1-6A - Copy153780-R1-7A - Copy

[Angel’s Landing in Zion – as I’ve previously noted, I “climbed” the thing in the 80’s . . . ]


[And an unobstructed view . . . ]

153780-R1-9A - Copy153780-R1-10A - Copy

[This I remember!  Is there something about traffic jams?]

153780-R1-11A - Copy

[Checkerboard or crossword puzzle?]

153780-R1-12A - Copy

[Lake Powell in Northern Arizona . . . ]

153780-R1-13A - Copy

[So made by the Glen Canyon Dam . . . ]


[I remember the water level was very low and yet when we crossed over into Page, AZ, the sprinklers were running on the golf courses . . . ]

153780-R1-15A - Copy

[And here we are back at the big canyon again . . . ]

153780-R1-16A - Copy

[The Super reflecting a morning chill . . . ]

153780-R1-17A - Copy

[Quite a place . . . ]

153780-R1-18A - Copy153780-R1-19A - Copy153780-R1-20A - Copy

[A photo sighting of the trail down . . . ]

153780-R1-21A - Copy153780-R1-22A - Copy

[And I’m going to assume this is Bright Angel Trail . . . ]

153780-R1-23A - Copy

[I’m not a tourist, but I play one in blog posts . . . ]

153780-R1-24A - Copy

In fact, just about all the major natural attractions you find in the West – the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, the Goodlands, the Mediocrelands, the Rocky Mountains and Robert Redford – were caused by erosion.  ~  Dave Barry

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Grand Canyon 2004

July 9

We’re in a pandemic.  We’re not going anywhere.  It’s Throwback Thursday.  For the first time since I bought it several months ago, I tried out a USB port required CD reader (since they are no longer contained in laptops) and this was the first one read.  BTW, Joey Chestnut recently broke his own record by eating 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Well, I just ate one in the same period of time, but then mine came garnished with chips and a pickle.  Chestnut ingested 42,000 calories during his world-record feat, but then, like a snake, he won’t have to eat again for six months.  What’s the fun in that?

I don’t remember what camera I had in 2004.  This was also the era of transition in photography from film to digital.  Again, not sure what I had.  And in conclusion, this was not the first trip to the Grand Canyon for either of us – but it was the first such trip for us as couple of the month from the SW shores of beautiful Lake Darling.  A trip highlight was lunching at the park lodge.  A table of six behind us asked if we were the Oberts.  We turned and asked how did they know?  They said they got our credit card back from our concurrent bill paying.  Leading to further discussion, we learned they were from . . .  Fergus Falls.  Stuff happens . . .

153790-R1-1A153790-R1-2A - Copy153790-R1-3A - Copy153790-R1-4A - Copy153790-R1-5A - Copy153790-R1-6A - Copy153790-R1-7A - Copy153790-R1-8A - Copy153790-R1-9A - Copy153790-R1-10A - Copy153790-R1-11A - Copy153790-R1-12A - Copy153790-R1-13A - Copy153790-R1-14A - Copy153790-R1-15A - Copy153790-R1-16A - Copy153790-R1-17A - Copy153790-R1-18A - Copy153790-R1-19A - Copy153790-R1-20A - Copy153790-R1-22A - Copy153790-R1-23A - Copy153790-R1-24A - Copy

Baseball, it is said, is only a game.  True.  And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.  ~  George Will                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Up Next:  Depends on what I find on the CD reader . . .